Commissioning and Efficiency Testing

All boilers must be commissioned. Commissioning is the setting up of the boiler after installation to ensure the safe, correct and efficient operation of your appliance. Failure to commission your boiler will invalidate your warranty. We will carry out a series of checks to ensure that your boiler has been installed to specification and help prevent unnecessary maintenance caused by installation problems. Our engineers will check for the following:

• Insulation and Baffles correctly located
• Burner checks
◦ Electrode gap, Oil pressure and Air setting
• Boiler fired and brought to temperature, checked and adjusted using a analysers
• Flue seal checked
• Ventilation checked

To book a commissioning visit, please contact us. The engineer will leave a report detailing the above work so that the guarantee can be validated.


We use the latest digital equipment for efficiency and combustion testing to finely tune your boiler giving you the best and most accurate service available. printout will be provided on completion.