I have run out of oil, had a refill and cannot now restart my boiler

If you have run out of oil and have had a refill do not try and restart your boiler until a good 30 minutes after delivery, this time will allow the sediment that the refill stirred up to settle and not get drawn through to your filters if it has already not done so.

After this time you can try and press the lock-out button on the burner control box to restart, you can try this a MAXIMUM of three times, further “trying” may damage your ignition transformer, it is designed to operate ONCE on start up to ignite the burner, continuous operation will overheat it and could damage it.

After a run-out there is a good chance that you will not be able to restart your boiler even after the three “tries” as air will have been drawn into your fuel line, also there is a chance that debris has blocked/restricted your filters. This is the time to call RS Boiler Services to restart your boiler.